Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UtellStory?

UtellStory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community where you can easily create and share stories with audio, image, video and words. You don’t have to use all of these media together in one story but you can if its necessary. A story can be as simple as one photo or can be a combination of multiple images, video, audio recording and background music. The idea is to empower you to tell your stories, engage your audience and make an impact.

2. What can we do in the UtellStory community?

Storytelling has accompanied us since our earliest ancestors. It has intertwined in every part of our lives. UtellStory is a place where you can use stories to share your life experiences; educate yourself and others; express yourselves; promote your services or show off your work. We want you to tell your stories and use your creativity no matter how proficient you are or how old (young) you are.

3. What is a topic and how it’s different from a story?

While a story is a finished product, a topic is a blueprint of new products. It’s an invitation for the community members to tell their own stories of a common interest. It’s open for everyone to participate and tell stories from their own angle. Once a member joins a topic, a story will be created with the materials available in that topic. The materials can be audio, image, video or words. You can choose to use the existing materials, rearrange the materials or add / remove the materials to suit your own story.

4. When should I publish a topic?

You can choose to publish topics if you want to share your talents of voice, arts, music or writing. Or, you simply want to invite others to share an experience or assign projects to your students. Once you publish a topic, you should not use copyrighted materials or claim copyrights of your own materials. It’s like the open source of storytelling. You don’t have to publish topics if you don’t feel comfortable with it. And you can always close the topic by switching it to a story or remove it from the public. You must agree with our Terms and Privacy when publishing stories or topics.

5. What an Educator account can do?

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to engage students in learning activities and stimulate students’ interest on subjects. A published story can make students feel the ownership and accomplishments of their learning process. Educator or teacher account is designed to let teachers manage classroom storytelling projects. Teachers can create and manage student accounts without requiring students’ email address. Teachers can share stories and topics within the classroom. Teachers automatically follow their students to receive project updates. There will be more features coming to make the classroom learning experience easy and fun.

6. What a Student account can or cannot do?

UtellStory wants to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn. Student accounts are created and managed by their teachers. For their protection, each student account can only access to the contents and members within the same classroom. By default, student stories and topics are published within the classroom group which means they are only visible within the classroom as long as they are not distributed publicly by other means. If required, student can also publish their stories or topics publicly or privately. Students automatically follow their teacher to receive assignments or inspiration. Student account has the full features of the Educator account with the exception of classroom management ability and full access to the community. Student account also does not have advertisements.

7. Can I share my stories or topics privately?

Yes. You can always publish your stories or topics privately. By private, it means not visible in the public areas of the website. It does not prevent you or others from posting or embedding the privately published stories or topics on other social network sites, blogs or emails.

8. Can I embed my stories or topics on my website or blog?

Yes. You can embed UtellStory stories or topics on your website or blog if they support iframe (the same way YouTube does). Certain platforms may require special plug-in.

9. Can people watch my stories or topics on mobile devices?

Yes. Stories or topics do not require Flash to play. So, you should be able to view them in most mobile browsers. However, audio and music may not play automatically due to the way touch devices are designed.

10. Can I download my stories or topics?

Not at this point. We will work on a solution to let you download your stories.